JenCon’s team of concrete specialists provides affordable concrete services for projects of any size. Our concrete team specializes in sidewalks, parking lots, industrial pads, building pads, foundations, and small repairs to extend the life of your concrete. We bring experience and professionalism to every project. 


Office kitchen remodel with brown cabinets and sliding, black, steel barn door

When ConMet in Monroe needed a tough foundation to stand up in their work environment, JenCon was ready to help create an industrial space that was ready to meet their needs. A manufacturing process with extreme thermal cycling environments and potential intermittent liquid metal spills requires more than just your average construction design process. JenCon’s team inspected, cut, and removed 500sq.ft. of 8” thick concrete, then installed a reinforced refractory concrete material pad. ConMet’s new and improved facility was ready to withstand the harshness of their forging process, all completed in a 3-day project.